Have you thought about downsizing?

There are some broad reasons why people start considering it and perhaps some of these might resonate with you. Reasons such as:

  • The family home is too big and all the maintenance that comes with it is a chore. This can cause stress and anxiety, which impacts your quality of life
  • Your current home could be unsafe, particularly if it’s double storey, has a step-in shower or the appliances are too high. All of this is a health risk, especially if you’re living alone.
  • Are you feeling a bit isolated? You might not be having regular contact with people, especially those who are like minded and at similar life stages.

Retirement apartments are a great option for downsizing – move in and make the worry of maintaining a big home a thing of the past. When researching your options make sure you take a few things into consideration.

For example, if you’d like to have your grandchildren come to stay, maybe you need to consider an apartment with more than one bedroom. If you’re concerned about safety, look into whether a call system is included. And if lifestyle and community is important, look into the shared spaces and community events that are being offered, and whether they are tailored to the your interests.

These are just a few of the things to start considering when downsizing, so we hope these have helped get the process off to a good start for you!