We help you look objectively at some of the things that will help you enhance your retirement.

Let’s start with where you live. Location is super important because you want to make sure you have everything you need, such as shops, cafes, parks and entertainment within a 5km radius. Having all these things close by makes life easier, more convenient and more enjoyable. Here in Carlton, you have all of these on your doorstep. The Melbourne CBD is just over a kilometre away – so the location for living a city-style retirement at Drummond Place could not be more perfect.

Thinking about the home you live in now, is it too big? Is maintaining it becoming a chore? What about the garden? All those leaves! And there are usually a ton of bills to pay – it can get too much. When you downsize to a spacious, modern retirement apartment at Drummond Place, all the general maintenance is taken care of. And as everything is brand new – from the stunning kitchen to the elegant bathroom – you never have to worry about things not working! You’ll have plenty of room to grow plants on your private balcony too, but sweeping leaves will be a thing of the past.

If living in your big house sometimes makes you feel a bit lonely, consider this. At Drummond Place, you’re part of a close knit community – a place where your neighbours become your friends. There’s so much to do too: walking groups, book clubs and rooftop barbecues – along with online activities, such as Zoom chats and tours. Everyone is here to support one other, including our Village Manager, who keeps an eye on everything. You’ll always feel safe, secure and supported at Drummond Place.

Lastly, you might feel as though your health and wellbeing is not what it should be. At Drummond Place, we have a wellness specialist that you can access on request. She’s here to help you with your wellbeing, so you can get the most out of life. And of course, you can rest assured that if you do need support down the track, it’s available on request.

We hope this article has helped you gain more of an understanding about why downsizing to the ‘right place’ at Drummond Place Carlton could be right for you.